Thursday, January 26, 2017

Recognition pattern is deciding life ...

Arrived at Sydney!

Tea with Mizue. Summer Australia~♪

Seminar is also a large hold with 50 people!
Thank you very much.
I am happy that I made new friends!
Thank you very much for your regular patrons.

The seminar
"Switch of emotions" ...
I did the way of associating with emotions!

We are influenced by emotions ...
The result of exhaustion when fighting it.

It is not influenced by emotions
You can influence behavior as a result if you have influenced emotions.

What is "proud experiences" in life?
By talking, it will be that it happened to life.

Is the problem that is happening really happening now?
Is not that scene remind me of problems in the past?
Pain sharing · · ·

1) Really?
2) Can you say that absolutely?
3) What kind of emotions will spring up when thinking of it?
4) What if it does not have that idea?

Thought is not realized
Thinking support is realized.

From birth until today
Events not left in memory are making deep consciousness ~

In the world of cognition we are alive.
The world, the universe
There is one in each person.

"Pattern" of recognition, "habit" decides the life of that person.
That recognition recognizes judgment and makes emotions.

Emotions do not seem to exist, nothing.
In Buddhism it is called "sky".
Buddhism = science of cognition

There is no concept of happiness
The idea of ​​ease is close.
The opposite of ease is painful.
Happiness is wonderful, but calls for obsession and suffers.

The feelings are just looking at you
It disappears.
Emotions are not you.

Promised while the future does not know,
To fulfill that, Adler says that feelings are being forged.

Now the firm recognition and emotion
If it is to fulfill the promised future
What kind of promise did you make?

People who fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals
I am fabricating my emotions to fulfill my promise.
Even in a bad situation "Yes! Because we have decided to do! lol".

What is the dream that flew away?
If there is no restriction what kind of life is good?

If you want to learn English, go out with someone who speaks English.
If you want to brighten up with a bright person.
If you want to be positive ...

Because it succeeded, is it bright?
Because it is happy, is it positive?
I succeeded because i was bright.
I am happy because I am positive.

The reality is made by fact and meaning.
The meaning can be changed.

The identity of happiness is
Seratonin ···
Worthy of research! 

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