Saturday, October 29, 2016

Great Japanese ...

Really! ! !

Hiroshima Carp VS Nippon Ham Fighters

I thought, you know!
It was squeeze!

... Back to Hiroshima
Otani, Nomura? !

If you win,
It is Kuroda! ! !

Japanese, "Wake up ~ ❗"
Friends who arrived in Australia sent me this!
Good song ~ ♪

Everyone ~ ♪ gathered to learn Japan 

Mr. Lee ...
Takushoku University visiting professor.
Japanese attractiveness by Taiwanese take! ! !

Japanese record that has ruled Taiwan for 50 years.
Yoichi Hatta Hattayoichi's "father of the people = agriculture saved the Taiwan agricultural"
It rests in Taiwan textbook, his way of life ...

When 311 of the Great East Japan Earthquake,
Donation of Taiwan 20 billion yen
90% of the general public
Emergency specials celebrity on television
Who complained of crisis in Japan

1895 ~
Japan ruled Taiwan
Begin to strengthen agriculture

Civil engineer, Yoichi Hatta
Diligently in the construction of the dam
Everyone thinks that impossible was too large
... Disparities in farmers is a small dam
Farmers pay half of the cost
However, Anti farmers were large!
Under tough circumstances, dam construction begins.

... The accommodation and entertainment venues, such as habitable with family
Instead of the eyes from above, a lot of people are impressed by his appearance to work with the same eyes

Great Kanto Earthquake ... at such time
Leave Taiwan people, and fired Japanese!
Looked for the next job, before Taiwanese lay off.
Excellent they that flying around diligently to infrastructure making on the fly.
More reliable on Hatta at the time.

However, the explosion accident.
Hatta went to the family.
They were telling a dream inherited from Hatta.

He raised the people while making a dam.
After the dam completion, they will be people who protect the dam.

Prior to that ...
Labor is a punishment! And I thought.
They know the meaning of work for the public.

1930 dam completed.
Agriculture is actively!
The dam his statue ...
Memorial service is also now on.


Japan spirit transmitted to Taiwan

Tyozanzusuiko's book,
Taiwanese know ... since the are child.

New dynasty (China)
It is governed by the various countries
Nice to say, but lie just ...
People continue suffering
Then, we have word execution of Japanese, even silence, but take action .

If Japanese dominated the Taiwan,
Only exploitation ...

Taiwan's image
Delicious fruit

Now, 23 million people
Once upon a time, 2.6 million people ... at that time, could not eat.

After the dam completion,
In addition a large dam (the construction was education to Taiwanese.)
Power plant (now also running. Parts also education so that it can be replenished. Spirit of making things Japanese)

Benevolent, mind that forgive.
= Flowed in water
See the appearance of Japanese.

Use drainage
Irrigation canals

First of common terms was Japanese in Taiwan
Get new information from Japan ... 
Until then, outside of Taiwan, people thought bad person.
It was try to believe in the country of human beings.

Japanese people are···
Build a bridge,
Build the roads,
It was to enrich the natural

Taiwanese did not seem the beginning and for the sake of someone
... Look at Japanese
Not afraid of death, I looked Japanese without fear.
They moved.

Never give up spirit.
Archiving spirit.
Japanese spirit! ! !

Dutifully, hardworking, altruistic heart ...
Happy if in front of people are willing.
Helping spirit. (In favor externals! Ichigo ichie!)

Even now, it is a custom to read Yamatouta in Taiwan.
Blush heart in Yamatouta. Tell the sentiment in the poem.
Select 2 songs, and tell why it was impressed.

While receiving anti-Japanese education
I recieved pro-Japanese education at home.

Send On.
Support Africa
China is advancing it to the machine
As Taiwan, are you not frustrated?
No, no.
It's fine.
Because there are survival person.

That obvious
Granted to the
Without make a big nose
But indifferently ...
Is great to willing people

Japan of our predecessors ...

"great Japanese teacher"
"great Japanese people"

Taiwanese in front of gyokuon-hōsō was crying along with the Japanese.
1980 and 1990s in Taiwan, Nippon Travel Agency was boom!
"Tour to go to meet the Japanese teacher at that time."

... For the sake of gratitude and reporting
To if the deceased tomb
Teacher, please scolding.
Nostalgic even voice scolding.

Why do you climb a mountain?
Why do you learn Japanese?


I was Japanese until the impressionable age
I was been stripped of his nationality as Japanese
Is no longer my own if it is been taking Japanese
It is formed in the world of Japanese and Taiwanese

"Taiwan people and the Japanese spirit" Books

1930 (the completion of the dam)
Taiwan became a Utopia

There is a small shrine to worship the Japanese.
Flow it in the morning and evening ....


That era,
Japanese that affected the Taiwanese are not here anymore.

We have same DNA what they had.
 By listening to the story of Mr. Lee I hope my DNA wake up. The information that reaches to us may have been editing. Education we learned mightbeen changed by someone. Knowing awake Japanese.

Now the age of Asia ... 
What Japanese are going to live with the kind of "axis"?

Last night, ... to Mr. Lee story

Listening to tragic incidents are reported in the "TV,
My grandmother always said.
`I reach unexpected feelings because I've caused this`

Mr. Lee, Thank you very much.
Sister, Goto san ...
Thank you very much. Taku

Thank you everyone!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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