Friday, September 30, 2016

Bad luck people is going to connect each other.

『Inochino utsuwa』 Akira Miyamoto

Yesterday, Yocchan talked about this・・

「 Inochino utsuwa 」

Bad luck people is going to connect each other.

Jealous people also.

Pure heart people is

Clean person and the encounter similar people.

And go each other ties.

Referred to as "Ruiha tomowoyobu."

Like the proverb contains

It is more interesting law

An encounter between people

I can only imagine are creating.

In the Buddhist words

Shukumei or Shukugo.

It can be said entrepreneurs.

It will stretch people

No matter how good relationship


Fall will become estranged from the people

Unawares the same as their own

It will intersect with stretch people.

Scheming in, rather than become so

Insidiously, it become that way.

Even if the resistance, 

Those that make the human beings their own

The only human beings that share

will tied.

I recently finally

Present in this human world

I noticed in one of the law that a certain number.

The "encounter",  is by no means accidental.

Otherwise, why "encounter" is

Going to become a turning point.

Or meet with any person

 "life of the vessel" of the people.

Than text ...


... now to Tokyo

I go to Osaka!


Playing, become rich and have to relax

Alan Cohen is saying.

Playing relax ...
And you feel you are lazy
a lot of people ... can't play very much. Taku

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