Thursday, June 30, 2016

TK Bali tour final announcement!

TK Bali tour final announcement!
But we cut the other one month before departure,
Still it seems to be a little frame.
How about trying to ~? 
Let's get together!
Bali's magic is also looking forward to see everybody this year. Lol
"TK Bali Tour 2016"
● schedule 7/21 (Thur) to 26 (Tue)
● air Narita, Kansai International Airport departure
● Hotel Inter Continental Bali Resort
● cost 207.000 yen (breakfast, including party, another fuel)
● Application Co., Ltd. Central Tours Fuwa
TEL: 078-392-2008 FAX: 078-391-0643
Please let us know your name, address, telephone number and number of ※.
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