Thursday, June 30, 2016

study trip to Korea・・・ Why Korea can make big result? We came to learn.

study trip to Korea・・・
Why Korea can make big result?
We came to learn.

Is this strong point or no?
many thinking~♪


Brand center.

together with Yoshiyuki san and Masuda san.

I was moved by welcome.

make a soil・・・
make vegitable and fruits・・・


can deliver・・・

It was the place we can experience!

cafe was nice.

Moon group・・・


Kim minkey・・・

What to do you do? !

To 1) movement
2) read a book, learn
3) Listen to audio-visual materials (CD and DVD Ya)
4) meeting, participate in seminars
5) Using the product
6) Create a visitor (increasing the number of people who use)
Speak 7) plan
8) ride to the consultation to consult
9) make a great relationship
10) make a great communication (equal to me for a great companion to FACEBOOK, etc.)

Whether we are able to?
Or it could be how? brought to daily report every day to each other.

Night, I learned hard! lol

Talk live with Itoga kun! ! !
It was the best! ! ! lol
Sanctuary Publishing's,

Thank you very much.

warm talklive~♪

encounter with mentor・・・
encounter with firends・・・

Thank you for flowers.

Is respected by people,
It has been yearning from people ...
For the first time coming as success.

To become so
Simple secret is ...

Have the people that I admire,
With the people that I admire.
And, talk about that person.

Then people respect you and yearn.


Osaka, everyone ... uplifting to talk with Kitakon san!

Thank you!

I am glad you are well now~♪

nice funny face・・・

 Thank you!

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